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  • My mom immigrated from Colombia when she was 17 and raised 3 daughters.

  • I was raised in Oliver, B.C. and grew up on an orchard.

  • I spent my childhood climbing trees, working at our fruit stand and swimming in rivers. 

  • I have high standards for stone fruit and bodies of water. 

  • I am a middle child. 

  • Now, I am raising 3 girls to become independent women.

  • I am a proud graduate of the University of Alberta.

  • I speak conversational Spanish.

  • I am particular about how things should look and feel.

  • I do many things fast, but I like to cook slow.

  • I like my water room temperature but by beer ice cold.

  • I love coastal forests and when I am in one, I am overcome with emotion.

  • I read books but only look at the pictures in magazines.

  • When I was little, I wanted to be an author. 

  • Now, I am a co-owner of Realty Unleashed Inc. and entrepreneurship lets me author my own story.

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